Are You Worried About the Security of your WordPress Site?

hack wordpress

Has your website possibly already been hacked?

This horror scenario is a terrifying nightmare, especially for service providers and companies. So what can you do when the worst case has happened? We at Voll Webdesign support you with our services to restore your website and possibly save all data. Keep reading now to learn how we can help you create a WordPress backup that will get you back up and running in a short amount of time.

Hacked WordPress?

You can use this trick to save your website

Once your own website has been hacked, the frustration is great once. At first the worst horror scenarios are buzzing around in the head. “What if I can not save my page? What if my data got lost? What if I have to start my business over again? “

Do not worry! Such a horror scenario is true only in the rarest cases. In general, a website can always be made with the right method. Therefore, keep your peace and do not fall into a panic state. Because now we want to tell you how we can help you if your website has been hacked.

Create new access data in phpMyAdmin

In most cases, hackers only focus on a portion of your page. This has the advantage for you that you can always access phpMyAdmin and therefore also your database. If this is not the case, you still have the opportunity to contact your hoster. This will then contact you and a strategy that you can use to restore your website. In this case, we assume that the hacker has only damaged part of your website. So let us now turn to the process of restoring your site. In such a case, we’ll help you quickly restore your data and banish the hacker from your system. Contact us if you are interested and we will tell you

If you would like to get a brief insight into our approach, we would like to share with you our hitherto proven method in dealing with hacked pages. First, we log in with your access data in phypMyAdmin. There, in the next step, we select the database that was affected by hacker attacks. There we will create a manual backup for you.

In the next step, we help you create new access data. As a result, the hacker is banned from your system and can not cause any further damage. We will send you a new password to the previously created email address to which the hacker has no access. This will make it impossible for a hacker to gain access to the website because he no longer has the necessary password.

Now you should be able to regain full control of your website and eliminate the damage the hacker has caused. We also want to support you in restoring lost data records and therefore offer you our services in this context as well.

WordPress Backup: Be sure to back up your data

If you want to protect yourself against hacker attacks in the future, we recommend that you rely on a secure backup system and take measures to ensure that you remain free of damage in the future. Otherwise, you will spend time in the future to have to re-create your site again.

In addition, it is essential that you back up regularly if a hacker deletes certain data on your site. That would be fatal and would at the same time cause considerable economic damage, which you certainly want to avoid.

In this context, make sure that you always keep your plugins up to date. Many website owners often neglect this, which makes it easier for hackers to gain access to the site.

In some cases, plugins are not enough to protect against attacks. Therefore, we advise you to rely on a backup service. This refers to professional service providers who regularly create backups for your site. Such a service is very cheap and costs only a few euros per month. So do not save at the wrong end and opt for a backup service that will back up your page every day. This has a particular advantage that you can restore your page immediately if a hacker should be able to damage it. In this context, you can contact us so that we can work out an individual plan that suits your needs. So do not hesitate and contact us if you are interested.

Conclusion: WordPress hacked – what to do? Give your WordPress security the highest priority

In this post, you’ll learn how we can help you restore your WordPress site if it’s been damaged by hacking. If you have fallen victim to a hacker, you can contact us at any time so that we can assist you promptly in solving your problem. We at Voll Webdesign specialize in helping you restore your website. Contact us now and find out how we can help you solve your problems.

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