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SEO Strategy: 5 Tips For More Visibility on Google

How do I get among the first 10 hits? If you want to see your website among the first ten hits in the search...


Are You Worried About the Security of your WordPress Site?

Has your website possibly already been hacked? This horror scenario is a terrifying nightmare, especially for service providers and companies. So what can you do...


SEO: Top 13 Google Algorithms & their updates to know

Who has not dreamed of infiltrating one day in Google offices and finding the solution to understand all of their algorithms? These algorithms decide...


How to strengthen the link from the article?

It’s no secret that the linked content in the eyes of Google is more important than the content that no one links. From the very...


Google Updates its Penguin Algorithm So That I act in Real-Time

Google announced on September 23 the incorporation of Penguin 4.0 to the main algorithm of the search engine. This update is one more step towards...

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