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SEO: Top 13 Google Algorithms & their updates to know

Who has not dreamed of infiltrating one day in Google offices and finding the solution to understand all of their algorithms? These algorithms decide whether your website or blog posts will rank first or last in the search results. They can make your business prosper or lead to its loss if its SEO is penalized.  Of course, you can not deliver information about the entire algorithm of Google. This secret is too well kept …  However, some parts of Google’s algorithm are regularly updated. In addition, knowing these algorithms will allow you to acquire a......

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Google announced on September 23 the incorporation of Penguin 4.0 to the main algorithm of the search engine. This update is one more step towards the quality standards that Google demands in its organic results, and will come into force for all languages ​​at the same time. Penguin is the signal of the Google algorithm that classifies and grants authority to the sites according to the incoming links that it detects. It was on April 24, 2012 when this type of analysis was incorporated into Google’s algorithm, with the aim of avoiding the generation......

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