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The content marketing, strategically used, you will get natural traffic you need. But how to develop such a content strategy? If your goal is to increase your natural traffic, what methods do you need to implement to generate it? This article describes in detail the process of developing a content strategy to attract traffic. The implementation of such a strategy begins with a thorough search of your target audience, builds on the determination of the best format for your content, and focuses on the frequency with which it will be published. Your......

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If a question often comes up about the HTTPS protocol, it is the meaning of the letter “S”. This corresponds to “SSL”, or “Secure Sockets Layer”, a technology that encrypts connections to websites so that data can not be intercepted. However, beyond its definition, one has to wonder about its role: why is it important and why is it useful for websites? 5 reasons to use the HTTPS protocol The explanations are numerous, but this article presents five main reasons. Most of them are related to the effectiveness of SEO, it is necessary to......

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How do I get among the first 10 hits? If you want to see your website among the first ten hits in the search engine, you will not miss a good SEO strategy. In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a distinction is made between on-page SEO and off-page SEO. The former only takes place on its own website. This means all possibilities that can be directly applied on the website and help to improve the visibility on the web. Off-page SEO is all things that help to increase the ranking outside of your own website. On-page SEO......

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