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The content marketing, strategically used, you will get natural traffic you need. But how to develop such a content strategy? If your goal is to increase your natural traffic, what methods do you need to implement to generate it? This article describes in detail the process of developing a content strategy to attract traffic. The implementation of such a strategy begins with a thorough search of your target audience, builds on the determination of the best format for your content, and focuses on the frequency with which it will be published. Your......

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It’s no secret that the linked content in the eyes of Google is more important than the content that no one links. From the very beginning, the Google algorithm is based on internal or external linking to pages or subpages. The number of links leading to the site shows its value, yes, it can be said that currently Google also takes into account other factors, but still linking is the most important factor.  Quoting Google here: The best way to get high-quality links to your site appeared on other sites, is to put on......

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