How to strengthen the link from the article?

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It’s no secret that the linked content in the eyes of Google is more important than the content that no one links. From the very beginning, the Google algorithm is based on internal or external linking to pages or subpages. The number of links leading to the site shows its value, yes, it can be said that currently Google also takes into account other factors, but still linking is the most important factor. 

Quoting Google here:

The best way to get high-quality links to your site appeared on other sites, is to put on it valuable and extraordinary content that have the opportunity to quickly gain popularity in the online community. Creating good content pays off: links are usually consciously posted information about someone’s preferences, so the more useful you have the content, the more chances are that someone else will find them valuable to their readers and add a link to them.

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Bearing in mind the above, it is necessary to create extraordinary content that others will link. And what to do when others do not link to it and do not want to link?

Case A

We buy a fancy article with dofollow links (because other se can put on shoes) on some website, blog, portal and the article did not get any external link. Its value in Google’s eyes is zero, and the outbound link is hopeless. The truth is that if we do not take care of linking our publication ourselves, nobody will do it for us. 
The post-combustion articles, publications or other links I wrote earlier here:   burnout links , but now let’s case more subtle.

How to connect with SWL, so that power will increase, and nobody will see it?


A private ” shortcut ” comes with the help . What is a link shortener ? This tool is used to shorten long URLs of websites to short ones (eg public tinyURL, bit, etc.) with the option of specifying their own shortcut. But for a reason I am writing for private. 
The whole secret of success lies in the fact that only a private shortcut can be blocked from bots eg Ahrefs or Majestic and it will be visible in their reports.

How to connect so that nobody can see?

  1. We publish an article on the external portal.
  2. We add the link to the article to the loser.
  3. We block the shortener against Ahrefts, Majestic bots, etc., etc.
  4. We link with e-weblink to the shortener with any number of points 2000, 5000 or 100 thousand.

Now you know how to hit a big blast on art so no one will drop out, about other such SEO tricks on your next WHS training

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