SEO Strategy: 5 Tips For More Visibility on Google

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How do I get among the first 10 hits?

If you want to see your website among the first ten hits in the search engine, you will not miss a good SEO strategy. In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a distinction is made between on-page SEO and off-page SEO. The former only takes place on its own website. This means all possibilities that can be directly applied on the website and help to improve the visibility on the web. Off-page SEO is all things that help to increase the ranking outside of your own website.

On-page SEO

Content: All contents of the website are considered by the search engine. The more precise it should be considered, which information is really important. The length of the texts is important. At least 300 words should be used per blog entry or report. It should not be forgotten that the content should still be interesting and relevant to the visitor of the website. Repetitions are to be avoided.

Keywords: All keywords entered in search engines to find a web page are called keywords. The more frequently a keyword is searched for on a search engine, the better. It is also important that it fits thematically to the website. Keywords should appear in headings, subheadings and text, but the text should be fluent and consistent with the content of the website.

Meta Title – Meta Description: The Meta Title is the part that is displayed by the search engines when someone searches for a specific term. It can be up to 65 characters long. A good meta title should include three keywords and describe the website perfectly to attract traffic to your website. The meta description is just below the meta title and should be up to 150 characters long. Again, three keywords should be included and the description should describe the content on the website well.

Off-page SEO

Social Media: Social media is perfect for interacting with customers and spreading the latest information about the site. Important are photos and videos.

Backlinks: Setting backlinks is one of the more difficult disciplines of SEO. This is because you have to convince other people to publish content on their own website. Important are therefore good content, which are also interesting for others. In the best case these are shared or linked by other people. It is also possible to directly contact thematically similar websites. There simply ask if there is interest to publish a text and to put a link to the page accordingly.

If you follow these 5 tips over and over again, you are well on the way to placing your website more prominently on the search engines.

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